Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Crafting: Full Guide 2021

Virtual villagers origins 2 crafting: Origins 2 sees you directing a gathering of wrecked survivors. To endure, the residents should exploit the normal assets dispersed across the island. You can likewise construct a making cottage where you can make progressed things, yet you need to assemble certain things.

In our Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 making guide, we’ll show you where to obtain the entirety of the assets and what mixes they work in.

virtual villagers origins 2 crafting

Rundown of Basic Resources

Air is gained by dropping a resident on a cyclone. Cyclones will haphazardly bring forth around the west shore of the island. Green growth can be gathered close to the wheat grass on the west sea shore.

Apples are collected from apple trees you develop. Drop a resident onto the dead tree, and they will collect a seed from it and plant it close to the nursery. This requires your horticulture to be level 2. Bamboo can be found at the actual edge of the wilderness.

Dark Orchids can be found close to the large stone. Blueberries can be filled in the nursery close to the cascade. You’ll do this normally after finishing puzzle 5.

Prickly plant can be found close to the making hovel. Coal can be found in the cavern.

Cotton is additionally found close to the enormous stone, close to the dark orchids.

Earth can be gathered from the soil hill close to the desert plant.

Fire can be gathered in the event that you see it dropping out from your firepit. You can likewise add wood to the firepit yourself to make it show up. Fireflies can be gathered by youngsters. Fireflies will produce arbitrarily.

Grass can be found at the west side of island close to the examination region. Magma can be found at the stone in the magma waterway.

Lotus is found by the cascade on the east side of the island. Greenery is found underneath the cascade, becoming on a heap of little shakes.

Needle Grass is found at the southeast side of the island close to the little stream.

Oranges are found close to the hovel by the examination region. Toxic substance is separated from snakes. Snakes show up close to the lake when it’s pouring.

Lake Water can be gathered from a little lake that structures at the southeast sea shore after it downpours.

Red Earth is found close to the catacomb. Reeds can be found at the east side of the island close to the streams converge. Rhubarb are filled in the nursery close to the cascade. You’ll get this normally as you complete riddle 5.

Roses are found by the huge stone. Sand is gathered from the soil hill close to the magma stream.

Shells are found by the whale skeleton. Cobweb is gathered from the side of the tomb.

Steam is gathered from where the water and magma streams meet on the Western Sea.

Strawberries are filled in the nursery close to the cascade. You’ll get this normally as you complete riddle 5.

Tiger Lillies are found close to the whale skeleton, nearer to the large stone.

Plants are gathered by youngsters. There are plants outside of the cavern, around the steps, and close the northside of the island hanging off of the trees.

Water can be gathered by dropping a resident on the water can.

Wheat can be found by the cavern close to the large stone.

Wheat Grass can be found at the west sea shore close to the green growth.

Rundown of Advanced Resources | Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Crafting

After you progress far enough in the game and have a resident eliminate an antiquated icon from the beginning, will begin to haphazardly happen across the island. You can have locals investigate the breaks that are left finished, yet you need to make rope to do as such. Inside the gaps, your townspeople can discover sorcery, oil, techpoints, magma stones, and worms.

When you move beyond section 2, you can discover three additional assets: Red Wood is gained from the tree becoming over the way by the cavern. Salt Peter is found in the western ocean. Venture out onto the ocean and check close to the bluff. Charcoal is found in the cavern.

Making Recipes

  1. Remedy: Magic + Magic
  2. Debris: Fire + Dust
  3. Microorganisms: Algae + Water
  4. Blue Butterfly: Blueberry + Glass
  5. Blue Glass: Blue Butterfly + Glass
  6. Blue Paint: Paste + Blueberry
  7. Blast Powder: Fine Powder + Sulfur
  8. Blast Stick: Boom Powder + Bamboo
  9. Concrete: Stone + Clay
  10. Earthenware: Limestone + Cement
  11. Mud: Red Earth + Water
  12. Dirt Brick: Clay + Fire
  13. Dirt Pot: Soft Pot + Fire
  14. Mixture: Flour + Water
  15. Residue: Earth + Air
  16. Energy: Air + Fire
  17. Manure: Mixed Herb + Earth
  18. Fine Powder: Charcoal + Salt Peter
  19. Flour: Wheat + Stone
  20. Fashion Bucket: Ceramic + Clay
  21. Glass: Sand + Fire
  22. Green Butterfly: Mixed Herb + Worm
  23. Green Paint: Paste + Moss
  24. Solidified Glass: Glass + Glass
  25. Occasion Light: Glass + Firefly
  26. Hopping Potion: Magic Concentrate + Air
  27. Limestone: Seashell + Stone
  28. Wizardry Concentrate: Magic + Magic
  29. Metal: Stone + Fire
  30. Small Eggs: Bacteria + Pond Water
  31. Blended Herb: Grass + Wheat Grass
  32. Oil: Coal + Water
  33. Orange Butterfly: Orange + Worm
  34. Metal: Lava + Earth
  35. Glue: Dust + Oil
  36. Establishing Soil: Red Earth + Moss
  37. Elixir: Magic + Water
  38. Red Butterfly: Strawberry + Worm
  39. Red Glass: Red Butterfly + Glass
  40. Red Paint: Paste + Rose
  41. Rope: Vine + Vine
  42. Silk: Web + Web
  43. Delicate Pot: Clay + Hot Oven
  44. Steam: Air + Water
  45. Stone: Lava + Water
  46. Sulfur: Fertilizer + Limestone
  47. Unpolished Mirror: Hardened Glass + Clay
  48. Worm: Fertilizer + Bacteria
  49. Yellow Glass: Sulfur + Glass

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