A2 Hosting Review 2020


A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting is one of the oldest providers around. They are initially from Michigan and begun in 2001 under another name (Iniquinet). Later on, in 2003, the name was changed to A2 Hosting.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A2 Hosting’s whenever unconditional promise is a significant genius, and part of the explanation we give this supplier a 3.9/5 in esteem for cash. That is certainly not a class to disregard – 88% of individuals we overviewed named valuing as their most significant factor while picking a facilitating supplier.


  • Any time money-back guarantee: you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of signing up for an account, and a prorated refund at any time after that. This massively sets A2 Hosting apart from its competitors
  • Responsive customer service: A2 Hosting’s “Guru Crew” customer service team is highly rated, and always around to help
  • Super secure servers: A2 Hosting takes extra measures to make sure its servers – and therefore, your website – are both digitally and physically secure


  • Slightly clunky sign-up process: a crowded homepage and a slow reveal of pricing information make account sign-up harder than it needs to be
  • Not the most competitive uptime on the market: A2 Hosting has a great uptime that will do fine, but if uptime is your top priority, other providers like HostGator and Bluehost can guarantee you an even better percentage

A2 Hosting Server Response Time

Uptime isn’t A2 Hosting’s “goodness” factor, yet this supplier actually covers the entirety of the essential bases to offer a standard support. Fundamentally, A2 Hosting’s uptime will never abandon your site the bend – it’s simply normal.

A2 Hosting claims 99.90% uptime, which means just shy of nine hours of personal time every year. From what we’ve seen, the supplier really performed far and away superior, with a normal uptime of 99.95%. Both of these are noteworthy figures given that 100% uptime is difficult to accomplish, and no facilitating supplier can guarantee it.

a2 hosting uptime commitment

A2 Hosting Hosting Plans and Features

A2 Hosting offers six different types of hosting: Shared, WordPress, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which type is best for your site, so we’ve outlined the basics of each type below:

  • Shared hosting is the most affordable and beginner-friendly type of hosting, but if you have plans to scale your site, you’ll eventually outgrow it. A2 Hosting’s shared plans averaged 99.95% uptime in our research.
  • WordPress hosting is tailored to WordPress websites and blogs, so if you already have a site with WordPress or want to create one, this is your best option. A2 Hosting’s VPS plans averaged 99.95% uptime in our research. 
  • VPS hosting is great for small business sites. It goes beyond the basics of shared hosting, but isn’t as expensive as dedicated plans. A2 Hosting’s VPS plans averaged 99.95% uptime in our research. 
  • Cloud hosting is great for scalability and flexibility. Your website is stored on multiple servers, meaning you can pull resources from a variety of different places. This makes it perfect if your site experiences hikes in dips in things like traffic.
  • Dedicated hosting is the most expensive, but also the most scalable and powerful type of hosting. A2 Hosting’s dedicated plans averaged 99.94% uptime in our research.
  • Reseller hosting means that you rent hard drive space and bandwidth from A2 Hosting, but unlike every other hosting plan, it doesn’t stop there. You would then rent that space to a third party (for example, to a small business), as if you were the hosting provider. Reseller hosting is only necessary for aspiring web hosting companies or developers. 

A2 Hosting Support and Customer Service

A2 Hosting hasn’t won our “Best for Customer Service” title for reasons unknown! This supplier gets an ideal 5/5 for client care. The Guru Crew – as A2’s balanced colleagues like to be called – are accessible day in and day out to ensure your site runs easily.

You likewise get a scope of help alternatives – A2 Hosting gives online tickets, an accessible information base, worldwide telephone lines, and a live visit highlight, where you can hear straightforwardly from the Guru Crew.

This is all appears to be incredible from the outset, however we needed to know how great A2 Hosting’s help truly was. So we chose to scrutinize it ourselves! Our group attempted A2 Hosting’s email, live talk, and information base and evaluated every one dependent on our encounters.

The general score was quite astonishing: A2 Hosting neglected to live up to our client care desires by 9%!

It was A2 Hosting’s information base that truly allowed it to down – it was hard to track down answers rapidly utilizing its pursuit highlight, and in the end it fell underneath our desires by 33%. While it may be alright for basic inquiries, we don’t suggest A2 Hosting’s information base for complex issues!

Is A2 Hosting the Right Choice for You?

You can’t generally turn out badly with A2 Hosting, however that doesn’t mean it’s the top supplier for everybody. By and large, A2 Hosting’s score of 4.3 out of 5 in our rankings is merited, and it has some quite certain qualities.

A2 Hosting is for you if…

  • Customer support is very important to you
  • Security is very important to you
  • You’re interested in cloud or reseller hosting 

A2 Hosting isn’t for you if…

Uptime is your #1 priority – for this, you might want to check out Siteground

In case you’re truly not certain how you feel about A2 Hosting, its whenever unconditional promise makes it an incredible generally safe supplier to evaluate firsthand.

In the event that you do have solid facilitating assessments, leave a remark and let us realize what you esteem most in a supplier!


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