10 Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging 2021

Best Chrome Extensions for blogging

In the event that you are a blogger and investing bunches of energy and time for developing your blog then this post causes you a great deal,

Yet, it is extremely unlikely to be effective with no endeavors except for making your work quicker there are a few devices encourages you which causes you to speed up.

Google chrome is the most famous program till date and the best part is they have a chrome augmentation to make your work quicker.

So in this post, I will about some best chrome augmentation for bloggers that encourages you to improve your efficiency and lift up your work.

There are a huge number of chrome expansion in the market which encourages you yet in this post, I’m sharing my undisputed top choice 23 chrome augmentation, which causes me to support my efficiency and help me to complete more in less time.

ColorPick EyeDropper

This extension helps you to find the hex code of any colour. 

Usually when you design your page so you will be confused about which colour you use to make your blog page professional then colour pick eyedropper comes into play and you can easily find the hex code of any colour and you can easily use that.

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Stay Focused

So on the off chance that you are that blogger who looses there center towards work, at that point this expansion encourages you a ton in light of the fact that in this online world we lose our concentration and burn through our efficiency time in simply checking facebook.

This straightforward instrument encourages you to remain zeroed in on your work and confine the measure of time you invest on energy squandering sites.

How it functions:

You can essentially include the lingering site like youtube, facebook on this device and set a day by day breaking point of time to spend on this site and once when times up so stay center will obstruct that time-squandering site from your program.

On the off chance that you are experiencing hesitating and burning through your untouched on the web so should attempt this wonderful expansion.

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Screely & Awesome Screenshot

Both extensions have tons of features for creating an amazing screenshot for your blog.

I used an awesome screenshot for taking a professional screenshot, In this, you can easily make a screenshot of any page you visited and also you can crop the screenshot easily from this single extension.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts of Awesome screenshot chrome extension: 

  • Ctrl + Shift + E (to capture entire page)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z (to capture visible part)
  • Ctrl + Shift + S (to capture selected area)

Not only Professionally but you can also easily make a good looking screenshot by a single click with screely, I recommend you try both the extension because they both are too much amazing. 

 In screenly you don’t need any keyboard shortcuts, you can simply click to an extension to take amazing screenshots.

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Buffer Chrome Extension

You are already familiar with the name of the buffer (free social automation tools) to automate your social media posts.

But, Did you know buffer also have a chrome extension which helps you to schedule your all post for all different social media account at a different time on the same day.

I have been using this tool for a while now and it helps to automate my all post for different social media. Mostly I used this tool to automate some blogging tips for my free facebook group members (If you haven’t joined my group then you are missing a very big opportunity) and also for twitter as well.

So when you install this buffer extension so it’s allowed to automate your every single post on social media.

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SimilarWeb is an analytics tool which gives you all the details about the website like, how much traffic that website is generating per month and also with that they will give you some more insights of any website like:

  • Traffic source of that particular website
  • The top-ranking keyword of that website
  • From where they get more referral and social traffic.
  • Also, show the competitor website

I think this tool is one of the free competitor analysis tools which I’m currently used to keep an eye on my competitor growth and by keeping an eye on your competitor website you can get an idea to increase your traffic than them by stealing there backlink and keyword.

This is absolutely free Chrome extension and you can also upgrade it to get more features.

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Grammarly is one of the best chrome extension which helps you to write your content without any mistake.

Grammarly is proofreader, punctuation checker and grammar checker chrome extension. It’s work very good on wordpress editor, docs and Microsoft Wordpad too.

You can likewise utilize Grammarly in more stages like – Quora, Google Docs, Facebook post, Gmail and a lot more stages.

So if you want don’t want to do grammar mistakes and want to make your content grammar free then I recommend you to try Grammarly to avoid all mistakes.

Grammarly also has their premium version which has more feature than the free one, I love to recommend you to go with pro version, If you want to avoid serious grammatical mistakes and want Grammarly team to check your content

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SEOquake Chrome Extension

SEOquake Chrome Extension

SEOquake is SEO chrome extension which helps you to find the number of backlinks, the authority of a website, Alexa rank and many more things within one single click.

Whenever I land on any new website I used this awesome plugin to check the full stats of any website.

This expansion nearly functions as a SEO device and gives practically all the subtleties of any watchword and you can likewise look at your rival URL. This additionally encourages you to give subtleties of any site utilizing SEMrush device.

You are thinking this augmentation is paid? Be that as it may, NO this expansion is practically free and you can undoubtedly download it and use it on your chrome program with no issue.

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Email Hunter Chrome Extension

Tracker is email address discovering apparatus, Which causes you to get an email of any site just in one single tick.

On the off chance that you are doing email exceed every day to pull in more backlink for your substance then this apparatus is bring about the ideal result for you since they separate precise email address of site proprietor/organizer.

Here how it functions:

Simply click on the tracker symbol in your chrome program and they will separate all conceivable email address of the site which you are as of now in.

This tool is very amazing because it helps you to reach out to the blogger directly email rather than forums and other kinds of stuff.

If you are a blogger who does backlink outreach daily so this is like a goldmine for you.

Keyword Everywhere

If you are pure affiliate marketer and blogger then this extension is very helpful for you,

Keyword Everywhere is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to find the best keyword in your niche,

In this extension, you will see the keyword metrics like – keyword volume, CPC and how much competition you have on that keyword.

This tool will not only provide google data but they also provide data of:

If you are looking for the best free keyword research tool then I recommend you to must try this free extension.

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LastPass Chrome Extension

If you are a busy blogger who always forgets their passwords then this is a must for you,

LastPass is the tool which has an ability to manage your all passwords and make easy login to your account.

On the off chance that you have a propensity for overlooking secret phrase unequaled, at that point this expansion causes you a ton, Basically when you join any site so this instrument recollects that exceptional secret word which you entered on that site.

You can also add your credit or debit card in this tool to make your transaction as faster you want.

As a blogger, If you want to remember all password then just use this tool to save you all password in LastPass password manager.

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